Well Holy Moly, it's been awhile since I've written on here. I haven't forgotten this lovely website I've just been running around like crazy and this week I've finally been able to take a moment and sit down and write a little update while working in our radio station on campus. So LIFE UPDATE GO! (Also I'm writing this on my phone so I'm sorry for how poorly written this is going to be)

COLLEGE: College has been a complete whirlwind this year. I'm currently a sophomore at West Liberty University and I decided to take on another major so I'm now double majoring in both Digital Media Design and Broadcasting. So I've been working in the TV studio and radio station every week plus editing videos to update my portfolio because I'm starting to think about summer internships which is a whole other beast that will be tackled at a later time. On top of that, I've been taking all of my theory classes, but on the bright side I'm using Commumication Theories to see how Rooster teeth makes such an awesome community which is super cool to look at (as awesome as communication theory can be)

VOLLEYBALL: Well unfortunately volleyball hasn't been that great this year. I've really struggled with it mentally and it's been a rough season for the whole team. But I'm getting better and stronger each day from it and some of my best friends are on that team and they've all supported me through some really dark times this semester which I'm extremely thankful for. I'm doing a lot better know and I've found my love for the game again and I'm ready to finish out strong. 

GENERAL RANDOM THINGS: So I've been trying to brain storm ideas for a YouTube channel with a very talented cosplayers friend of mine on campus so we've been planning that and trying to get this project going for awhile and I'm super excited for it! I'll hopefully have more things soon! And  in more recent news, I'm going to try and become a Guardian! I'm super excited to apply even if I don't get to be one it will be a learning experience for sure. The sad news that comes with this is, unfortunately due to volleyball and our pre season, I may now Ben able to attend RTX next summer due to the fact that its in August and not July. I'm not 100% sure so I'm trying to be hopeful, but who knows?! Keep your fingers crossed for me guys! 

Whelp, that's the basic low down of what I've been doing plus some other boring things but I wanted to say hi to everyone here and give a quick update! Love you you silly cockbites! <3