Aloha folks!

It is my favorite time of year... Extra Life time! This year we are leading the charge into a MILLION DOLLAR GOAL.  That's right, we are looking to raise over $1,000,000 for the kids during our Extra Life streams this year.  Last year we topped out around $940,000 and I know in my heart that our amazing community can surpass that mark.

We kick off the entire thing THIS WEEKEND with our epic Extra Life Community Stream! We'll be showcasing some amazing talent from the RT Community all over the planet!  These teams will be streaming all day, and we'll be shining a spotlight on them, one hour at a time.  So, join myself, Caiti, and Chelsea as we take a look at 25 (!) groups in the Rooster Teeth community and support them as they raise money for Team Rooster Teeth and their Children's Miracle Network Hospitals of choice!

And then, the next week, starting at 8am CST on November 11th, it is back.  The Rooster Teeth Extra Life 2017 Stream kicks off and doesn't stop for a full day.  

The schedule is PACKED this year with tons of your favorite Rooster Teeth family members, shenanigans, games, a brand new WHEEL OF VENGEANCE, and lots of other legally and morally questionable shenanigans.  

Seriously, the schedule is bursting at the seems.  I'm working on it now and I cannot wait to see what all the different groups bring to the table.

Our line up of raffle giveaways is going to be pretty crazy as well.  We're still working on the final lineup of stuff you'll have a chance to win, but it's looking incredible.  You'll have chances to win RTX VIP tickets, seeing a podcast recorded LIVE, some impossible to purchase Lazer Team 2 gear, and even a piece of furniture... you'll see.

Not only that, but every single year we have some awesome exclusive Extra Life merchandise, this year is no different.  This weekend we'll be putting up for sale our brand new Extra Life t-shirt (available in unisex and female cuts) as well as our single FOR THE KIDS pin! Proceeds from the sales of this merchandise goes to the Rooster Teeth donation to Extra Life!

And then the next weekend we'll put the shirts back up for sale as well as the exclusive Rooster Teeth Gym Badge pin set and the most incredible Rooster Teeth Land poster.  Same deal as before, we do not profit off the sale of these pieces! The proceeds go to our Extra Life donation!

These pieces will only be available during Extra Life and once we shut down the stream they are no longer available!  So get a bunch for yourself and friends!

The exclusive poster this year is absolutely incredible.  It's packed with details and Easter eggs galore.  I can't wait for you to see it.  We'll have higher resolution looks at it soon.




Of course, with all of this comes the stretch goals. I won't tell you all of them yet, but I'll let you know one.  

After listening to feedback and all over the net, us here at Achievement Hunter have decided if we hit $1,000,000 during our stream we will bring forth ACHIEVEMENT HUNTER: THE MUSICAL.

That's right.


I hope we hit our goal.  I want to make this thing.  Jeremy and I are already coming up with ideas.

So, that just about does it for now.  We'll have more information coming very soon including links and everything you'll need to watch the stream this weekend and next.

If you would like to donate right now or join our Extra Life team, you can do so right here: 

We can't wait to get started.  This is going to be a very special event for us and we hope you'll be a part of it.  See y'all this weekend for our Community Stream! 

Love you!