1) We are streaming from 3pm-2am (second 2am (remember to set your clocks back!))

2) We are streaming from twitch.tv/roosterbuckeyes

3) Our Rooster Teeth Power Hour (when we will be featured on the RT Twitch/YouTube Channels): 6pm-7pm

4) Like PUBG? We will have access to the Rooster Teeth PUBG Server from 7pm-9:30pm eastern standard time. Please join us.

5) We are playing Jackbox Games from 9:30pm-11:00pm eastern standard time. Come hang out in game and in the audience!

6) We are giving away awesome prizes- see the previous post for how to participate in the raffle and what you can win.

7) Our stretch goals are as follows: 
$500: Nerf Gun Firing Squad
$1000: Shock Game

$1500: Start our YouTube Channel

$2000: Team Captain Shot Game

8) You can make a donation to our Extra Life team here

We can't wait to celebrate Extra Life with you. Let's Do This. #forthekids