If you sit down and look back on the last year of your life, you realize how much things can change. You aren' t the same person you were before, as humans we are in a state of constant flux. 

A year ago, on October 11th I took my first steps into the real world field of advertising at a small pharmaceutical agency. I had previously been working in a pet store as a manager for 6 years and it was absolutely terrifying to break away from the norm that I had grown accustomed to and start a new journey. Given that I wasn't done with college yet and this was the first time I was working in my field, the change was a shock to my system. 

Fast forward to a year later, I have mad tremendous steps in the short time that I have been at Cult. When I first started I was put into an Intern/part time position and given the clean up work from the Art Directors above me. We build out emails in photoshop, along with web banners, web sites and so forth. I was handling the revisions for those emails, without actually really building anything out just yet. Pharma is a huge concept to take in if you've never worked in it. We work across 80+ brands and having to learn about them was another fence I needed to get over. Where I started and where I am at the agency is a complete 180. My work and dedication has shown and I now run projects on my own without supervision, my team trusts me to get work done and don't have to check in on me. I've grown past just doing revisions to fully fleshing out banner and email ideas for new brands to creating print brochures and even was pulled in for a tv commercial.

The TV pitch was my biggest accomplishment thus far. I was paired with one of the copy writers I work with on a daily basis to come up with ideas which then we would pitch internally with our agency. We were broken up into 7-8 groups of one art director and one copy writer. Our ideas managed to get through every round of presentation and into the final presentation to the client. And even though the client didn't choose to take our ideas on for the final decision, we were given a lot of props from the senior people in our agency for really stepping up to the plate, especially as this was our first time on a TV pitch.

It was scary to take those first steps. But now looking back on how much I have learned and grown in the last year only fuels my desire to be even better. I'm now in my final semester of college, I graduate in January and I've been told I have a set full time position as soon as I'm done. I guess what I'm trying to get at from what I've learned is to always keep pushing. Never stop learning and always give your work your all. Your hard work will show and be recognized if you don't falter. 

Stay awesome friends, hope you're all doing well too. 
-Raf <3