I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on Extra Life, what we've accomplished, and what we have left to do.

First of all, and perhaps most importantly, I'm humbled by the amount of people who have contributed to our mission of helping the kids at St Louis Children's Hospital. My daughter has been a patient in their ER, and currently uses some of their services, so this cause is near and dear to my heart!

We had a friggin' blast at our #ForTheKids2017 Extra Life stream last weekend! If you missed it, we'll be editing the footage down into Lets Plays, and releasing them every Friday for the rest of the year over at!

Between shirt sales and raw donations, we outpaced ourselves at the same point last year! With that being said, we still have work to do to beat last year's goal! The good news is, we still have nearly a month to raise money with the Shirts, and until the end of the year to raise these funds to help these kids!

I have to stop and thank everyone involved here. Huge shoutouts to Chii for cohosting with me and editing the footage, Jeremy for hosting the event, Dana for building the Minecraft sets, Les for making the shirt design, Michael for running our social media campaign, The incredible team of Jack, Chelsea, and Michael from RT for being awesome collaborators, and, of course the rest of Team BIGBITE/RTSTL for making this charity campaign and event everything it was!

Of course, I have to thank you, our readers, viewers, friends, family, and fans, for helping us out in our mission to raise money #ForTheKids! Also, I'd thank you to continue donating and sharing! You can still donate directly through the end of December at, and you can still get the Extra Life shirt at Store.BIGBITE.Media through the end of November, and all of the profits will go to Extra Life! Additionally, half of everything else we sell at the BIGBITE store through the end of November will go to Extra Life as well!


Joe Dalton



Admin, RTSTL