Aloha folks!

We are just a mere hours away from the kick off of Rooster Teeth's Extra Life Stream for 2017! Last weekend we held our second ever RT Community Extra Life stream, and as usual, our community kicked all kinds of ass.  We raised nearly $50,000 between the 25 teams that represented us all over the country!  As of this posting, we are sitting at just a hair under $100,000 for the year already! That is incredible and you should all be so proud of yourselves.

Of course, all of that money donated so far goes towards our incredible goal of $1,000,000 raised by the end of our stream this Sunday! 

Now then, let me rattle off a few answers to some common questions I have received.

Q:) How can I donate?

A:) You can donate directly to the Rooster Teeth Extra Life team right here:

Q:) Where can I watch the stream?

A:) You can watch our Extra Life stream at or on YouTube at or on Twitch at

Q:) What if I don't have money to donate? How can I help?

A:) SPREAD THE WORD! Please, if you aren't able to donate with money, please donate with time and exposure! Get on Twitter, on Facebook, Instagram, wherever, and let people know about our stream and what we are trying to do! We are going to raise a MILLION DOLLARS for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals all over the US and Canada with your help!

Q:) What are the exclusive merchandise pieces I can buy?

A:) You can pick up our exclusive Extra Life merchandise (of which, the proceeds go directly to Rooster Teeth's donation to Extra Life) right here:

Q:) I missed out on the Community Extra Life pin during the Community Weekend, is there any way I can get it still?

A:) You are in luck! We had some conversations internally and have decided to bring the For the Kids pin from our Community Weekend back for our main stream weekend! Again, proceeds from the purchase of the pin will go towards our Extra Life donation, so grab seven!

Q:) I can't get to a computer during the 24 hours you guys are streaming, can I buy the Extra Life merchandise later?

A:) Unfortunately no, part of the fun is the rush to get everyone watching us during our shenanigans and raising money! Please ask a friend to grab a shirt or poster or pin for you!

Q:) Can I donate to Extra Life even after the stream ends?

A:) Of course! Donations for Extra Life 2017 don't end until December 31st at Midnight of this year!

Q:) When will Achievement Hunter / Funhaus / #2spooky / The Know / Whose Line / etc be on the stream? Is there a schedule somewhere?

A:) We have never posted a schedule before as time slips quite a bit during Extra Life and you'll never know exactly when stuff happens.  We'll do our best to keep you informed as to when major groups will be on the broadcast though. (ie: Achievement Hunter will begin the stream from 8am-10am)

Q:) Will anyone be playing games during Extra Life? Can I play with you?

A:) This year we have dedicated game stations set up for our team to play games the entire 24 hours we are streaming.  We'll do our best to post information on how you can join them gaming.

Q:) Is it too late to join the Rooster Teeth team for Extra Life? I want to stream soon!

A:) It's never too late! We'd love to have you!  You can join our team or create your own team and become a sub-team of the Rooster Teeth Super Team here!

Q:) I have a suggestion for a Wheel of Vengeance punishment or stretch goal!

A:) Please post it below in the comments! We could always use more ideas.

Q:) Do you guys have a medic/security on staff?

A:) Yes, we have a medic nearby just in case Gavin lights himself on fire.

Q:) Where can I get more information on Extra Life?

A:) At their excellent website.


I think covers every question I've heard.  If you have more, please ask below in the comments! 

I cannot wait for this weekend and I can't wait for you guys to astound me again with your generosity.  Here's to $1,000,000!!!