So hey, posting this early because tomorrow is possibly a long day and my grandma might be coming over! :D This week's post was inspired by Gorlin! x)

No Vocaroo recordings this time because it's not working for me on any browser I have, so hopefully you can find the pronunciations for these via Google Translate or something. x[

Anyway, let's begin! Some of these are not government agencies but you might come across them when dealing with Finland and Finns. :) Some I just found amusing to write down the Finnish versions for! Some are not really acronyms, but oh well. xD Some are never really called by anything else but their acronym, like Kela, Trafi, VR, and Yle. 

The first that comes to my mind is KELA, the bane of our existence as well as our savior (when it's not being the bane of our existence). Kela is short from Kansaneläkelaitos, literally National pension agency, and all social welfare is handled through them. 

Next is TRAFI, with which I've only really dealt with when I got my licence and stuff like that. Trafi is our Transport Safety Agency, Liikenteen turvallisuusvirasto. I think 'Trafi' might come from either Swedish or English, something like 'transportation' = tra and 'Finland' = Fi.

VR (vee-är) is originally shortened from Valtionrautatiet = State Railways. Going by the train is pretty expensive, though, even with the 50% student discount, so I rarely use their services anymore. <.<;; Anyway, when people started talking about virtual reality and shortened it to VR, I was... confused. Until I checked up what else it could mean.

STT is Suomen Tietotoimisto, but apparently they don't have a page in English? Lol? But well, basically Finnish News Agency. 

YLE is Yleisradio, basically our version of BBC.

HS is short from Helsingin Sanomat, I think that's the biggest newspaper over here. 'Helsinki News.'

IL is Iltalehti, literally Evening Paper, and IS is Ilta-Sanomat = Evening News. Both are popular tabloids. 

MTV aka Mainostelevisio (Commercial TV) is a media company with a few popular TV channels like MTV3 (Äm-tee-vee kolme) and Sub. 

HÄKE is short from Hätäkeskus(laitos), the Emergency Response (Centre Administration). The emergency number here is 112, by the way!

VALTORI ... Oh boy, you guys will love the Finnish for this. So in English, it's Government ICT Centre. In Finnish? Valtion tieto- ja viestintätekniikkakeskus. You are welcome!

VRK is Väestörekisterikeskus, Population Register Centre. According to them, our population is at 5,521,659!

AVI is Aluehallintovirasto = Regional State Administrative Agencies. 

MAISTRAATIT are Local Register Offices. This is where I've sent my old and new address information a bunch of times in the past 7 years, ahaha..

TILASTOKESKUS is our Statistics Agency. (Apparently the site is currently under reconstruction?)

VERO is another 'bane of our existence' agency. Verohallinto = Tax Administration.

EVIRA comes from the word Elintarviketurvallisuusvirasto. That's Food Safety Authority. Yep. All of that in a single word. Trust me, it's pronouncable.

POSTI is our Postal Services. They used to be called Itella for a while, but nobody really liked that. 

ALKO is "an independent company owned by the Finnish state and administered and controlled by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

Alko’s operations and its monopoly of the retail sale of beverages containing more than 4.7 percent alcohol by volume are based on the social and health policy objective of mitigating the adverse effects of alcohol consumption." (There are some changes being planned / discussed, and it's caused some intriguing discussion in the Finnish hashtag #alkoholilaki on Twitter. Despite coming from a background where alcoholism is a huge issue, I say - let them goddamn stores sell booze and wine and not bother upping the prices either. Alcs will buy their booze no matter what the price, soooo what's the point? The more alcohol costs, the less money they are going to have for anything else - if they've kids, that's even worse. I know.)

Anyways, ahem. *tries to cough* *cough fails* Ah, goddamnit. *clears throat* Well then, that's already quite a lot to deal with! xD Hope you've enjoyed... For next week, I'll be gathering a list of hopefully useful words and terms and phrases in Finnish.

Cheers! :D