Sooooo. Yeah. *grins weakly*

I completed this game, too, BUT. Because Xbox Live suddenly decided to shit itself, my solo campaign says I'm supposed to continue from Mission 4: Nightfall. 


While I enjoyed this game a lot, I don't think I'm ready to go through all of this again.... *mumbles to herself* Stupid Live... 

Now that I've played all of the ... 7 Halo games I have in Easy solo, I will jot down some of my thoughts about the game in a collective post. Though it's safe to say I will play these games again, and try them on Normal mode. :D

I might get through Reach again though, when Live works again. And I'll get to that collective post at some point, but probably not tonight. I'm both excited and pissed off right now, and I need food. And probably some sleep, too. Gran's coming over for the weekend, so I need to get up relatively early and clean around a little.

Anyway, good games! It's hard to close my eyes without seeing aliens and weapons going pew pew pew. [¬º-°]¬

(And no, I'm possibly not going to get the Halo Wars games. Not for now anyway.)