Soooo notifications are back..? Wowsers. 

Soooo I didn't post on Sunday, but here's a new... series... from me for your entertainment!

 ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ She hopefully writes 'part 1' in the title... hah. 

So yeah, I've been trying to warm up some of my past friendships with little luck, I got involved with some local FB groups to meet more other ladies (my previous circles with ex around were mostly male), but that's not gone too well either. So when a guy started chatting me up and asked me out for a walk, calling it a date too, I was like "Sure, why not?"

That was to be on Sunday. Well, gran was here so I told the guy I could hang around after she's left, in the evening. I wasn't sure of the exact time at first and told him that, then told him the exact time. "Cool", was the reply. Well, his replies to me are quite scarce, just like ex's, and eventually he asked if he could take a raincheck on the 'date'. I was like OK, fine, I'm busy later this week, so we agreed to meet today, on Monday. 

Originally we were to meet at 4pm, right after his work I assumed, then at 5pm. I had business downtown anyways to fix my glasses a little (the other 'pillow' has been pressing on the side of my nose), so I didn't mind going way earlier in case it would take long with the glasses. 

Well, time passed, guy said he was gonna take a bit later at work, I went to a book store (and found a book I'd been drooling after for some months now, Big Data - How Information Revolution is Transforming Our Lives.... 150 pages and I'm already on page 56). Went to read somewhere because well, Mondays are a day off for me these days so I figured I could wait for a bit.

Then a friend passed by and we started talking, talked... and talked... She had to go, and since I'd heard nothing from the guy, I decided to get home as well. 

Now, I have also - against my better judgment and previous experience and swearing to never do this type of thing again - joined... Tinder. [¬º-°]¬ Signed up a couple of days ago or so. [¬º-°]¬ Anyway, been getting several matches and have tried striking up a few convos; there's one about games and books that's been going on pretty well, and another turned out to be a RWBY fan.. :D So far the experience's been better than previous ones.

Basically I'm still not looking for... dates, but just trying to practice meeting new people and stuff like that. If more comes out of it, well, great. 

But yeah, maybe I misunderstood something or the guy wasn't as interested in me as he first indicated and couldn't say it straight, but yeah, this counts as an experience. +1XP gained? 

(Plot twist, someone from T is now reading this...  see_no_evil)

Anyway, I'm not too disappointed or anything. (Okay, at first I was a bit pissed off and even embarrassed.) I'm trying to take it slow anyway and not jump into anything too soon, too fast, trying not to erase my boundaries too quick just to be nice to someone. I just want to talk to a guy with whom it'd be cool to hang around, too, dang it. ^^;; 

What about you lot? Any endeavours of this kind lately? :3