2nd day of the Conference done!

I'm not sure if I'm doing great or not, but no one's complained to me directly so far (nor indirectly) - I've actually liked going around places, trying to come up with solutions to problems like... how to make the projector work; where to get more chairs and how to politely persuade the janitor to agree to let me bring more chairs to a room than the safety instructions allow because the 'customer' wanted so; and where to get water for a speaker when the cafeteria at the building is closed. And finally, standing around with a microphone and giving it to people who wanted to have a turn at speaking at a panel. 

Tomorrow I've a workshop or two, then... *gasp* information desk duties. Kinda nervous about those. 

But still, if all goes well *fingers crossed* I'll let my group mentor know I'd be interested to help with future events... more than just interested - happy. As long as I'm given clear instructions on what to do and how, then yeah, I could imagine myself doing this stuff more often, maybe even for a living of sorts. I mean I know there'll be situations when instructions won't help much, but apparently I can manage.

Also points for me for changing languages swiftly despite the tiredness and being able to give people good enough directions so that they found the rooms they wanted to get to.

The hardest part of the day was staying awake in the stuffy classrooms; the topics were intriguing but... yeah. I don't remember much of the speeches. But I did do my best to at least look alert and smile at people whenever I was looked at. I'd always get a rush of energy when I was asked to do anything.. the crash afterwards was awful as heck.

Also I need to start actually introducing myself instead of just showing off my assistant badge lmao. <____<;;;

One more daaaay. 

Also not sure if I've the energy for a Finnish Friday post. >___< Today started off with my right eye having decided overnight it's the most perfect time to swell, and my shoes let in some water after I accidentally stepped into a puddle so on my break I had to go buy some new socks 'cause I had prepared poorly lmao. So to make up for all the missed FinFri posts, I WILL make a video with subtitles for Finnish words once my timetable clears out a littl! Will probably be easier, although I don't really like being 'filmed'. xD 

Related to that, I'd now like to ask you guys what kind of things would you like to learn to say in Finnish? Leave a comment below! :) 

...now to eat some dinner and then once again become a human burrito...