:D My title skills, hah...

So yeah, the Conference is over aaaay!

Was honestly a good experience!! Really feels like the type of thing I would love to do in the future as well. :)

I was standing by the Information Desk today, and remained there after my shift ended 'cause I enjoyed talking with the other girls - and as they were exchange students, they seemed to be glad to have me around to quickly answer any questions any guests had in Finnish. And getting to help was awesome, too!

A lot of people asked for directions around the campus. We had ONE printed out map (lololol) and as I was showing this one elderly lady where to go, she took a pen and started drawing circles around the buildings I'd pointed out... and then... she... walked away with our map.

Luckily I had printed out a map, too, but it was... small. Me and a couple of others named it the Mini-Map and had a few giggles over it. 

A lot of people were also asking from us about some other events going on around the campus, but with those I for one said "Honestly I've no idea but we can check it out if you'd like", most just said OK thanks and went away, a couple of people I showed the directions for (and the map thieving lady) were not coming to our Conference at all but (there wasn't anything else to do so) I figured it'd be polite to help.

So yeah, I woke up this morning around 6:20am and realized I have to be at the bus stop for 7:05 to be on time for my shift, which started only at 8:45. NOTHING DOWNTOWN WAS OPEN BEFORE 9AM. I was infuriated, and then I saw a dude walking in front of me who dressed and walked exactly like my ex and had similar body figure... but he seemed shorter... anyway, and when I went to the main building the doors were locked, and me and the other girl on the 1st info shift were like ???? and then the janitor couldn't get in either and he had to wait for his superior to come open the doors xD so it was quite the start of a morning. 

I had no tasks after my shift, but yeah I really enjoyed socializing with the other assistants so I stayed there and had fun talking with one Chinese and one South-Korean girl; it was great to get to hear about their experiences here in Finland, and we discussed some stereotypes of us Finns. :) I also taught them about 'kuusi palaa' and even some Swedish (jag ska gå till en öde ö = I shall go to a desert island). xD And whenever I spoke in Finnish with a guest or random help asker, when the customer was gone they'd ask me to repeat bits of the conversations - they both have their oral exams next week for their Finnish proficiency test. 


We also started cleaning around the desk already as there was nothing else to do; some others came up too and helped, and then we just stood and sat around talking. Me and another Finn discussed our exes, and I went to lunch with one girl who hadn't gotten to eaten all day, and as we got back most of the others had left, so we left too and went to sit the library cafe for a few minutes to talk, and even exchanged contact infos so we can go study together some time. 

So yep!! For years I've thought myself to be totally socially inept, especially around other women (feeling inferior etc etc), but... I... I feel strangely energized. (I think the nap I had on the bus earlier helped, too; I honest to God fell asleep on the bus and 'cause it's dark out there, it took me a bit to recognize where I was lololol.) LEMME DO THIS STUFF AGAIN.

Of course, I feel like I had it relatively easy. That I could've done even more. But for someone like me, this was a huge step already. 

Aaaaaahhhhhh. When's the next one!??? Where do I sign up? XD 

Also I need to figure out what to make for a card... taking part in the RT Christmas card exchange~~