So I haven't been into anime since I was a kid. And for most of my adult life, I have had no interest in it. Even though I occasionally make an effort to just because so many people in my little sphere are also in the anime sphere. I would keep trying to watch a couple of popular shows, but would always end up hating them (the two exceptions being Space Dandy and Kill la Kill, which I found mildly amusing). It's hard to describe what is that I find so grating about it. I hate to use the word cringe because it sounds like I'm shitting on anime, which is not my intention. But that's the feeling I get watching most anime. (Like you know when you're watching a video that feels so awkward that you keep pausing it, almost like you have to take a break from it? ...or is that just because I'm socially anxious myself?) And the same tropes, archetypes, and cliches seem so universal that I started to feel like once you've seen one or two anime, you've seen them all. Which meant I would hate them all. I just kept trying to give it another try and kept being disappointed in the same way each time. 

However, recently I watched the first episode of Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul after seeing a gif from the show which looked like it had cool animation. It looked much more impressive than most anime than I had seen, and on a hunch I thought that the difference in animation quality might also reflect a difference in the style of the show as well. 

I ended up watching every damn episode. I was pleasantly surprised! Sure, there are some aspects that felt like typical anime ridiculousness, but the execution was better. Things felt oddly more grounded in a way, to some extent, and I liked that. In fact, just about the only thing I didn't really like was one of the characters who we were supposed to feel conflicted about but ultimately sympathetic to. I did not feel that way. I felt like this character was pretty much a piece of shit and that made it harder for to accept the ending, but I still really enjoyed most of the show. I didn't realize until three quarters of the way through that this was actually a sequel series to a previous one, but I would have to pay extra to watch the previous one so I decided not to for the time being. 

Anyway, I finally feel like there might be some anime series out there for me, just not the ones people seem to traditionally recommend. 

So, any of you have any recommendations for me based on the fact that I liked Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul? It's hard for me to articulate the things I seem to hate in most anime- I really like humor but most of the humor in most of the shows I've seen does not appeal to me. It feels like I'm expected to be surprised or amazed at the the same cliche every time I see it. For example, the way so many shows try to portray badasses. I guess you could some it up with the *teleports behind you* meme. That kind of stuff just makes me cringe. Not too long ago I tried to start Berserk, but didn't bother to look up where a newcomer should start. Anyway, the introduction of the main character was very much that kind of style, where you're supposed to feel like the guy is a badass but I just feel like I'm being patronized. It could be might fault in this case because that probably wasn't where the series starts,  so I'm supposed to have a bit more background on the character. 

But the point is: I'm sure there is some anime out there that I would like. I just don't know how best go about finding it among all of the anime that I wouldn't like.