It kinda sucks that most of my posts on this site have a title like that one. But I feel like I have a genuine excuse this time, at least. I'm in film school and this semester has easily been the busiest I've ever experienced, and I've experienced many. I've already created (written/produced/directed) one video, worked with a group on another, and I'm about to start on my final video, which will be the most time consuming one I've done, in addition to the fact that I've crewed on 5 or 6 classmates' videos throughout the semester. Shit's crazy.

As for what I've been up to other than that, not much. I'm working on my guardian application right now, but I probably won't finish until I get this video done and finish all my finals. Despite being extremely busy, I really like where I am in my life right now. I have some amazing friends, my dog is finally living with me, and I'm pursuing my dreams... and all that cheesy stuff. My life has changed so much since last year. I lived alone, never went out, never hung out with anyone, and kinda hated everything. Turns out a little Zoloft makes me a much happier and more outgoing person. I feel like I'm more me than I ever have been. 

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing great. I miss my RTX friends every day, and can't wait for August! :D