Due to technical issues, I haven't got the video up yet - I've recorded twice now, and both times when I've started working on the subtitles (for Finnish words etc) I've noticed the new online webcam recorder site had decided to cut off the sound after about 10 minutes. :s I'll try again once mom gets out for a walk, and hopefully the old recording site works better. (And nope, I can't get recording software to work on my laptop, let alone YT encoding.) If it won't work, I'll record on my phone and add subtitles way later, we need to go downtown in a couple of hours..


Thank you for all the questions!! <3 I'll be making the video today because mom's coming over later tonight & I'd feel super shy with her around tomorrow xD soooo yeah questions are now closed! :) I got a handful from Twitter & then quite many on here~

Stay tuned! :3

Finland's 100th Independence Day is soon! :) Dec 6! Got any questions about it, the country, the language, the people, post them here and I'll make a video in which I'll answer y'all from my perspective of things. ^w^