Happy Belated 100th Anniversary to Suomi Finland! <3

I spent the Independence Day with mom, as she got here on Tuesday. We took some candles to Lutakonaukio where the event organizers formed a '100' from the candles there, and then we went around some uhh local bars xD and visited the stairs of Harju when they got lit. And then visited some more bars. xD 

So I'm still still having some issues with YouTube, and since mom isn't leaving until tomorrow, well. It's been delayed. x( But it will be done, damn it! :D 

I'm exhausted. We've been going around the city, trying to figure out a puzzle with 2k pieces (fml whose stupid idea was this thing), and... well. I just want some alone time already. 43 square meters isn't a lot for 2 people... Gran called me yesterday asking when I'm going there, and I had to tell her by the end of next week 'cause I "have to study", but jfc really I just want some peace and quiet before I have to be social again 24/7 and adjust my lifestyle to the daytime living. Normal people are the cray-cray ones. <.<;;; 

Anyways, that's the updates from me for now. I'll check on the forums real quick but yeah, puzzle is awaiting and so is more city exploring. (killmepls I miss having a car of my own)

Hope you're all doing well out there. <3