Hi again fellow cockbites

So its been quite a while since I've even logged into the site because life is a very busy thing, so here's some brief highlights:

- I have a new job, I moved from my office job to become warehouse manager in the same company. The good part is that I'm now in charge of an actual department I feel I can put my stamp on.......Bad part its a very busy job and a lot of pressure but they can also be good things if the energy is channelled right :)

- My personal YouTube has basically been shelved because I'm full time (and by full time I mean most evenings) working at LimitedNight where we make gameplay videos, shorts and much much more, check us out here for 3 videos a week, a podcast once a week and 2 live streams a week!!! Yes we are busy busy busy!

- In sadder news my father passed away on November 30th after a short illness, needless to say its been a difficult time and we are all having to learn quickly how to deal with funerals and tying up peoples affairs when they die......stressful is one word to describe it!

- I am playing so many games, most of all PUBG which I have logged nearly 400 hours on...yes I have a problem unfortunately it means I'm massively behind on my YouTube views, Movie catch up and TV catch up. When I retire I am going to have so much stuff to keep me busy.......over 30 years to go until then though haha

- The wife and I are trying to start a family of our own, 1 big regret that we have now my dad has gone is that he will never see his grandchildren, lets hope we get lucky with that in 2018 and a Little Squirrel is soon here.

Otherwise its just business as usual so I guess that's the main points of the last few months.

Basically I work a lot in YouTube work and 'real world' work but frankly I couldn't be happier.

Here's wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous and Loving New Year

Your ol' chum

Squirrels x