Sorry for not being online a lot lately (I seem to be saying that just about every update) I've been having a rough time dealing with my depression. I started teaching my niece how too play chess the other day, and I finally remembered why I don't play with her as often as I should; Every time I look at her, I see my brother.. I couldn't stop thinking about him for a few days, and I was just so depressed, and it didn't help that my girl friend wasn't online as much because she spent multiple days in a row job hunting, so I was pretty much depressed for the entire week..

Yesterday I played DnD for the first time with all of my cousins and that was so fun, we all had a blast! However the moment I opened my lap top I got a message from my girl friend saying that she had too break up with me because her mom would kick her out otherwise.. So yeah, super depressed again..