So my amazing family at Gamer Assault Weekly knows this year was insanely hard on me. We frequently do a general "Who wants to go to X event" post in our chats and then whittle it down to just the people who can for sure go to the event. When I was asked about PAX South I replied with something along the lines of " Sorry, it's either I get to go have fun at an event or my little sister gets Christmas this year". My co workers went and made a GoFundMe and managed to raise almost all the money for me to go! I was completely beside myself in awe and happiness that they took the time to do this let alone the fact that any one donated. I can't wait to see these people for the first time and thank them in person <3 If you want to help raise the last 150 dollars we need to get this fully funded or just want to share the link you can find it here no pressure to donate I am just happy to even have this opportunity! ^.^