So still depressed, like incredibly so, but I'm slowly getting better. Started working out again, and I'm studying for my drivers test (which I still really don't want too do, but oh well.) I really need too start writing again, but still can't find the motivation, but of course I'm still taking notes for ideas I have for my stories and what not x3

Oh, I also changed my profile picture to one of my face. Don't really know why I decided too do that, especially considering that I look like crap right now because I haven't been taking good care of myself lately on account of my depression, but oh well. I plan on changing it again once I look less disheveled xD I really need a hair cut x_x Also my knife collection is in the background so maybe that will distract people from my face x3 I also just noticed that I have one of my nieces gifts in the case, haha. It's a 101 Dalmatians picture from her coloring book she gave me x3 

Anyways, aside from all of that there's nothing really new to report. My cousins and I will unfortunately not be able too play DnD this weekend because one of them is going out of town for Christmas. He's our tank so we can't really play without him either :P Even though he's easily the least effective member of the party. He was fighting a goblin and decided to throw his hand axes at it, but the first one completely missed, and then he sprained his wrist on the second throw because he rolled a 1 xD Then when we were fighting some wolves, he managed too miss a wolf with his hand ax at point blank range, it was literally biting his arm! Then the wolf backed away, so he threw his other ax at it and he missed AGAIN. Then too cap it off near the end of the session, he tried to climb a ledge, but it crumbled beneath him and he lost almost half of his hit points xD Anyways, long story short, he didn't really help much x3

Also, I figured I'd share this before someone asks: I've never celebrated Christmas, so I never really do anything this time of year. I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness, and although my father and I aren't one any more, we still respect my mother and sisters beliefs. ALSO before you ask, Jehovah's Witnesses don't celebrate Christmas because of its pagan origins. So yeah, I'd get pretty bitter about it when I was younger. I was always really jealous of my friends who got together with their families, and I was always annoyed because I wasn't allowed too watch Christmas stuff, and of course 90% of the cartoons that are on around that time are Christmas episodes/specials. My parents of course knew that we felt left out, so instead of exchanging gifts on Christmas, we would exchange gifts on my parents anniversary, which was nice~ These day's I don't get bitter about Christmas at all, but I do get a little sad though. 

Anyways, how's everyone doing? Got any plans for the Holidays?