New trailers for Persona stuff came out today that got me hyped up.

First off we got a new pv for Persona 5 the Animation. Which is gonna tell the story of the game in anime form. For all those who can't play the game and those who just want more Persona .

Its gonna start in April so I guess I already know what I'm watching in spring anime season.

And now its spin-off time. More specifically are you ready to dance all (Moon/Star) night ?

Well I sure as hell am. We got new trailers for Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5 Dancing Star Night. Persona 4 Dancing All Night is one of my favorite games on Ps Vita and Atlus will not that Vita die. (Now lets hope they bring it out on Vita in the west too please also Catherine please).

The gameplay seems unchanged from P4D which I'm happy with cause all I really needed was some new songs and new story. Looking at some of the visuals do make me wonder when this is gonna take place though. People who played trough Persona 5 will probably get what I mean just looking at the visual below. And people who played through Persona 3 ... You know why I wonder.


Anyway I'm hyped as hell. Now there is one more Persona spin-off I wonder if we will ever see west since the 3ds is dying fast. Maybe just port it to the Switch (maybe just port all of these to the Switch).