I got some Nintendo money for Christmas and decided it was finally time for me to pick up Xenoblade Chronicles 2. And I'm digging it so far.

One of the things that turned me off from Xenoblade 1 was the opening to the game being incredibly slow . Luckely for me in Xenoblade 2 you get thrown in almost immediately .First thing you do is fight a crab thing and then the plot just starts going with you getting recruited to do some crazy mission.


The plot so far is very how would I say ..... Anime. But I don't mind that much since I love anime and it reminds me of ps2 era JRPG's. I like the combat a lot too (partly cause it get explained in nice small chunks at a time). And the characters are all fun and interesting.


I did have to turn the Japanse dub on cause oh man that English voice acting ain't good. This however comes with the downside of not being able to understand the flavor text that characters spout of while you traverse the world which is kinda sad (And shows me that the Japanse dub was probably not planned to be in the western version from the start). But I can live with it.

speaking of the world. Omg the world is awesome. the sense of scale you get just walking around seeing how small you are compared to the creatures you fight and how small they are compared to the titans we walk on is awesome.


One thing I do hate though and very much reminds me of ps2 era JRPG's are the fetch quests that are based around these treasure spots that give you RNG based loot. Which makes it so that you could be walking around for an hour searching for 5 apples or some shit. 

And I hate that the rare Blades are tied to these RGB based core crystals. Which are basicallylootboxes that you luckily don't have to pay for . Kind of makes these Blades feel less special would have been cooler to have quests around getting them.


Long story short. I'm liking Xenoblade Chronicles 2 so far. And even though I got some issues with the RNG stuff I would recommend it to fans of JRPG's who got a Switch tower .