... For the longest time was to become a Featured User. I used to post like a mad man on the forums, post journals literally about nothing and constantly reply to people's posts, images, journals. You know name it I did it. 

Now....I kind of miss that push I had. It's how I met quite a few of my friends on here. @pak78 @baggins316 @malduck. It's how I got brave enough to go on webcam during Barbara's tinychat and struck up what I think ended up being a 2.5 hour conversation between@Dopp and @Fireball. 

I really owe this site/company/community a lot. It's thanks to everyone here that I even started filming shorts or let's play. Create websites that mimicked the earlier version of the RT site. The countless Podcast/show ideas I've made or merch I helped create. The very core of me, my likes, dislikes, sense of humour  and so much more stems from me spending the now almost 10 Years of my life on this website. 

Whelp this is not what I thought I was going to write up today. Kind of just opened the flood gates and this came out. 

I'm happy with the results. 


Writing Journals rocks way more than tweets.