So I recently started playing DnD with my cousins, it was my first time ever playing since my mom didn't allow me to have anything to do with fantasy stuff growing up. (although that didn't stop me from playing games or watching anime with fantasy elements behind her back) Anyways, I figured that I'd chronicle my first little adventure. Don't expect this too be incredibly detailed considering the last time we played was around two weeks ago, but future entries in this series will hopefully be made sooner after our sessions.

Alright, for starters, the party consists of Raya, an Elardin psionic from the Feywilds, Uthal, the Goliath warrior from the Thesk Mountains, Callie, our Wood Elf Rogue from High Forest, Syllin, our half Dragonborn Sorcerer, and myself, Volare, a High Elf Cleric from the Western Heartlands. We all took a job from this over excited dwarf who wanted us to transport supplies to this town a couple days south the city we were in while he went and delivered this special map he had found. After a few trips to some stores the group began heading south most of us walking along the oxen led wagon, while Syllin drove it alone, something he was kinda bitter about.

A good few hours down the road we noticed a horses with arrows sticking out of them, clearly an ambush, but I decided to investigate anyways with Uthal like a noob. Next thing I knew arrows were flying out of the trees to the east, and one hit me in the shoulder, taking out half of my health. Two goblins came running from the tree line at us wielding scimitars, while the other two were still in the trees. The rest of the party sprang into action, Callie being the Rogue of course ended up with the highest initiative, so she went first, and decided to catch up with us and throw both of her daggers at one of the goblins that were charging, killing it. Next was Uthal, who might as well have done nothing at all. He decided to throw his first hand ax at the goblin that was charging, and missed horribly, then used his bonus action to throw his other ax, and rolled a natural 1, so he sprained his wrist when he through it, and it of course missed.

I was next up and of course I had to snark about how Uthal was really earning his keep, because Volare is a massive prick, then I cast a fire bolt at one of the archer goblins in the tree, specifically the one that shot me, and I not only burnt his body to a crisp, but also set the tree on fire. Next up was Syllin, who also used a fire bolt, but on the last goblin that was charging and nearly killed it. Next up was Raya, who used telekinesis to chuck a rock at the other goblin that was in the trees, knocking him down. Finally it was back to Callie, and she decided to rush forward and finish off the charging goblin by stabbing it with her dagger, then as a bonus action, threw her other dagger at the goblin who fell from the tree, rolled a natural 20, and chopped his arm off, effectively defeating him. 

Since I spoke goblin, I decided it would be best if we interrogated him. So after making sure he wouldn't bleed out, we tied him up, and that's when I got an idea to intimidate him before he woke up. I had Uthal go get the burnt corpse of his friend from earlier (the one that shot me in the shoulder) and had him throw the body in front of him when the goblin woke up. This of course terrified them and to add to that, I knelt in front of him, and unflinchingly pushed the arrow in my shoulder through and pulled it out while I asked him questions. We learned that the horses belonged to the dwarf that hired us and his human companion, that the dwarf was taken to someone named king Grawl, and that the companion was taken to the goblin hideout, in a room called "the eating chamber," we also learned that the path to their lair had traps, and that the first room there was a kennel with wolves trained only to listen to goblins. We decided to keep the goblin alive and tied up, however it was late in the day, and a couple of us got some damage, and I used one of my two spell slots healing the goblin, so we decided on a system in which the elves in the party would take watch, swapping in and out in order to use our trance to get 4 hour long rests while the two non elves slept through the night. 

Everything was going fine until it was my solo watch, and that's when I rolled a two for my perception check, to which the DM responded, "you literally notice nothing, you might as well have just been in your trance" xD THEN he rolls, and gets a natural fucking 20, so whatever he rolled for, did fucking FANTASTIC in whatever it was doing. We all got up the next day, and we were preparing to head to the goblins lair, when the discussion of what to do with our captive came up. In the end, we decided to kill him, and Uthal caved his skull in with a hammer. We made it to the path, and we had Raya and Callie move ahead through the tree tops to scout and disable the traps. We made it to a clearing where the cave to the goblins lair was, and we discussed for a good long while about what to do with the wolves. In the end Callie and Syllin decided to go in there without making an investigation check, and they end up getting fired upon by two goblin archers. Callie manages to avoid the arrow that was shot at her, but Syllin didn't, and ended up getting KO'd instantly!

The fight begins, and Callie is first again, so she rushes the goblins, and throws both daggers at a single gobblin and kills it. Uthal tries to sprint through the trees to make it to the last goblin, but his movement speed doesn't quite allow that. Next up is Raya, who uses one of her psionic attacks and kills the goblin. I then go over to Syllin and use cure wounds to get him out of his critical state, and of course since Vollare is a dick, I say something along the lines of, "I'm healing you now, but know that I wont reward stupidity any longer, so try to be more careful in the future," to which Syllin responds, "well I do like to fly by the seat of my pants," to which I again respond, "you'll be flying by the seat of your pants to the afterlife if you keep this shit up." All of us then just decided to go in the cave, Callie of course scouted ahead, sneaking past the kennel. She stumble across a large ravine with a bridge somewhere up high. We tell her to come back using the message cantrip, and she decides she wants to try and see if she can kill the wolves stealthily. She shoots one in the shoulder, it screams in pain, alerting the other two wolves, and they try the break their chains. The rest of us rush in there, and before we all roll initiative, and of course Callie is first, so she shoots one of the other wolves. Next of is Syllin, who shoots a fire bolt at one of the wolves that Callie attacked but it's still alive! One of the wolves manages to break free from its chains, and bites Uthals arm. Fortunately his armor class is high, so the wolf bite didn't do anything. Unfortunately Uthal is still Uthal. He uses one of his hand axes to strike the wolf biting his arm, and misses. At point blank range! The wolf of course lets go and jumps back, so Uthal uses his bonus action to throw his other hand ax and barely grazes it. So then I come in and cast fire bolt on it and kill it instantly and say, "was that so hard!?" Raya then picks up a rock with her mind and prepares to throw it. Callie and Syllin manage to kill the other wolves on their turns before they break free.

We all enter the kennel to investigate and for a strategy, and we end up deciding to send Callie ahead and communicate with her through message again. she goes down a different path this time and finds a ledge about 10ft high. She uses her climbing gear to set up rope and pitons but we decide to leave it for later, and tell her to go see if that gobblin was still on that bridge. She rolled for perception, and rolled a 1, and doesn't notice it. When she relays that information through message, Syllin doesn't believe her (a bit of metagaming went on there x3) and decides to go over too her, because he has the second highest stealth and perception, but ends up botching the stealth check, and the goblin that was in fact, still on the bridge, ran away, and the next thing we know, Callie and Syllin are flushed out of the cave with a torrent of water. Apparently there was some kind of flood gate. However, since three of us were in the kennel, we managed to stay inside. We decided to wait there, because we figured that they'd probably send goblins to check and see what happened to the intruders. Sure enough, thats what happened. They sent two, one went walking towards the mouth of the cave, the other walked into the kennel. Fortunately all of us passed a stealth check because the goblin rolled such a low perception, and was heart broken over the death of one of the wolves. Uthal snuck up behind him, rose his hammer, and then brought it down on the goblins head and accordioned him. With the second goblin at the mouth of cave, Raya steps out of the kennel, picks up a rock with her mind, and hurls it at the last gobblin, killing it instantly. Lots of natural 20's this game xD 

We all regrouped, and decided to climb up that ledge that Callie found. We all managed to get up, except for Uthal. When he tried, the wall crumbled, and he lost 5 Hp. After we all managed to get up, we were left at a split path. We decided to go to the right, because the left lead to the direction with the bridge. at the end of the hallway was a room, and there were about six goblins at a couple tables and around a cooking pot, but one of them was super buff. We ended up deciding to have Syllin use one of his spells to try and put them to sleep, and it worked on all but two, one regular and of course the buff one. The buff one ran up some stairs that lead to another ledge out of sight while the other goblin charged us. We were about to attack, but then the buff one held a man over the ledge, specifically the man we came to rescue, who was beaten and bruised. He made us a deal; kill their leader so he can take his place and he'll let us leave with our friend. I of course tried to negotiate for a better deal and more information, but I had shit rolls for persuasion, and since I was the only one that spoke goblin, no one else could try so we agreed to the terms.

And that is how our first session ended! Hope you enjoyed! It was kinda long, so kudos to you if you managed to read through that x3 Hopefully it wont be too long before we can play again, but I'll be sure to put up a part two as soon as I can! Also feel free to point out any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors x3