So we're not even a week into 2018, but I can't help but feel both excitement and stress as we embark on yet another year over in the RT Anim Department.

A lot of what I do these days is read. I'm still writing on shows like Camp Camp, RWBY, and a few other things yet to be announced, but SO much of my time is spent reading the work of other people and giving them feedback. It's been great learning from so many other writers and working with them to try and bring their visions to life. It also serves as a reminder to step away from projects I work on and really try to look at them from a more technical and critical angle (which is admittedly hard to do sometimes). It's also SUPER TIRING, haha. We make SO many shows now (with more to come) and sometimes it feels impossible to keep track of them all. Jumping from one meeting for one show right into a meeting for another means having to immediately switch to completely different fictional universes, characters, and voices.

My biggest goal of 2017 was to expand our writing team. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be. We can't just hire someone who can write well, but who can write well for the stories we're trying to tell, who can work at the pace we have to work at, who we know we can learn to get along with and collaborate with. It's a tallllll order.

Fortunately, we've met and worked with some really wonderful people in 2017. Tom Alvarado continues to be an absolute delight on RWBY Chibi and Joe Nicolosi has so much passion that you can't help but feel motivated after talking with him for five minutes. You've all gotten a taste of what Jason Weight can do through his work on Caboose's Guide to Finding your Home. That guy is just top-notch and super nice. There's some more great people I can't wait for y'all to meet, too (one lady in particular who is just so absurdly creative). It's exciting to know we'll be getting more help in the new year, but it also means more time I'll be spending reading the work of others as opposed to getting to write myself. That's not inherently a bad thing, but it's admittedly not my favorite part of the job. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how I'll balance it all out, and I know in the end it's all gonna be groovy... it's just a little scary, haha.

I didn't really have a point to this post, just sort of rambling a bit. I constantly forget that my daily routine may actually be really interesting for folks that don't work in this industry, so I thought a little insight could be cool! I want to get into the habit of posting to our site more (especially with all the improvements RT is hoping to add throughout the year).

If anyone knows of a way for me to clone myself, hmu. In the meantime, I've gotta write up some notes on how Caboose is both the least intelligent and most intelligent character in the show...

Have a good weekend!