...officially started this week and thanks to the strike everything's been kicked into overdrive. All projects, exams and essays are all due this week. The program normally has finals for two whole weeks but I think thanks to the strike we had they're trying to get it all done now and have us start the second semester almost immediately. 

I haven't been overly stressed about any of the work that we've done but I think it's also thanks to the music I listen to. 

Being a fan of Supernatural (TV Show) I've come to know and love the song Americana by the show's first composer Jay Gruska. It's help me stay calm and focused. I can literally have this thing on repeat for an entire night. Might drive everyone else in the hotel crazy but for myself it becomes the greatest background noise. 

Everything else just fades away and it's just me and my studies/projects. Have a listen, I promise you won't regret it. 

Wondering too if any of you guys have something that helps you focus or stay on track?