Happy 2018 everyone! I hope everyone was able to have a good 2017 and an even better 2018. This past year had some of the greatest memories of my life and some of the roughest patches that I had to get through. Nonetheless, with the new year comes new goals and I always like sharing mine due to the fact that that way I can be held accountable, but also maybe give others some ideas as well.

 Eat Healthier: When it comes to food, I absolutely love pretty much any food that is bad for you such as sweets and fried food (because who doesn't). I work out a lot because of volleyball, but I don't see a lot of change in my body when it comes to working out due to the amount of food I eat so to help with that I'm going to try and go a year without sugar and minimal fried food (because in college sometimes that's your only choice). I know by doing this I'll feel better, more energetic in the morning, and see more changes with my body from my workouts. 

Apply and Get an Internship: This one is the most important to me because I really want to start looking at my future and what I want to do with video in terms of more broadcasting related work or more video editing. I'm ready to start seeing what my life could be like after I graduate college and I'm excited about the possibilities I have for internships and I'm going to throw a bunch of stuff on the wall to see what sicks. I'm ready to go out and try adulting, but also completely terrified so we"ll see how it goes. 

Create More Cosplays: Even though my chances of going to RTX this year are slim due to the date and when preseason starts for volleyball, I still want to work on my cosplay skills. Over winter break, I was taught how to sew and I can finally start trying to make things on my own. My goals for 2018 cosplay are to make a Female Cuphead (with my dear friend Kellsi from college, Oscar from RWBY, and Ilia from RWBY. I've wanted to do Oscar for awhile now and I just love him and Ilia in this season so much I just have to do it. Cuphead was one of my favorite games from 2017 and it would just be a fun cosplay to do with my friend.

MAKE MORE CONTENT: Another really important one since I'll have to start sending portfolios to companies for internships. Thankfully, I am part of the sorority Chi Omega and I was elected to our Marketing chair for this spring semester and next fall semester which means I'm in charge of all our chapters social media and more importantly, all of our videos. This will give me a chance to improve my skills and create some awesome videos along the way. I also recently just came back from Jamaica on a trip with my family and 25 other people which was a blast. All of us got a done of video and photos that I've now been tasked with creating a video about and I'm super excited to get working on it. I want to start creating my own content as well, but that will involve some brain storming along the way.

Optimism: This year I want to live the happiest life I can. I want to really work on my mental health this year since that was a huge reason why 2017 wasn't the greatest. I want to work on finding the light in every situation, pushing myself to be more social aside from my anxiety, and I want to reach out to people when I need help and not be afraid to ask for help when I need. I haven't decide if I wanted to do this yet, but this year I might finally have the courage to go to a doctor and ask about my anxiety and get real professional help which is something i've been scared of for the past 10 years now. But this year I want to be happy and I want to make others happy as well and big way of making that happen is through my mental health.

I hope everyone kicks ass in 2018! barbara