... Activities.

So I've been fortunate enough to have a bunch of passionate kids at my college who are okay with having this old mad man with these plans of grandeur around them. They been helping out with keeping SSN (Select Start Network) afloat with doing the podcast and we tried a Let's Play that didn't work out due to some extra folks stepping in and not really.....doing anything. 

But that hasn't stopped us yet. I mentioned to them that we should start doing Live Action Shorts to A) help them find their style and motivations B) practice because you can only get better with that. C) Build a Portfolio they can be proud of and also C) a selfish one but once again have more content on the channel. 

They all seem on board with this idea and we'll be moving forward with it next weekend. I've got two scripts I have to flesh out and a mini series I'd like to see if they'll be on board. 

If we get permission with the latter I'll let you know ASAP. 


I'll be posting my last project I did on monday and the interview I shot with my fellow students.

Exciting times.