Sorry again for the late update! Health issues and such. Once again, I'm writing this late at night and I'm also sick with a slight fever, so if you notice any writing errors, let me know so I can edit and improve. Anyways, let the story continue!

So the five adventurers Volare, Callie, Sillan, Raya, and Uthal, agreed to help the goblin Yeemik take power by killing their leader, the Bug Bear Klarg, in exchange for the human bodyguard Sildar Hallwinter, who was supposed to escort our employer, and is currently our only lead to his location, as well as answers about the map he was carrying. Once we made it back to where the path split, we decided to have Callie and Raya scout the path to the left. Just as expected, the path to the left lead to the bridge which connected both sides of the ravine, and on that bridge, was a goblin. After relaying that information, we decided to let Callie deal with it, (something that will become a bit of a habit later in the adventure) and of course, Callie takes it out with her short bow. We have her investigate the other side of the bridge, and once that is clear, we all cross it. We all walk in the entrance on the other side, and walk into a large cavern, with a large waterfall, and a single goblin at the base. (this also appears to be where the water from that flood gate came from)

We ended up deciding to have Callie sneak up behind him and knock it out with the butt of her rapier. The goblin of course wakes up, arms bound, and his head throbbing. Raya, with one of her main goals for becoming an adventurer being to make friends with people, she gets a cool cloth and dabs it on the goblins sore spot. The goblin is confused, but he manages to answer some questions. Like that there are two archers hiding behind crates in Klarg's chambers, and that Klarg is a mean leader, and pushes the goblins around. We ask if he's willing to help us kill Klarg, and he's far too scared, even Raya who's been nice to him up to this point couldn't convince him. While we were trying to convince him again, Uthal got bored, reeled back with his hammer, and attempted to crush the goblin, but ended up missing. Raya got upset and the goblin pissed himself, and Sillan was starting to get annoyed, so he told the goblin to run, and never show his face, or he would kill him, so he got up, and ran away. We made our way to the stairs that lead to Klargs chambers in our typical order, Uthal up front, followed by Sillan, then Volare, then Raya and Callie. 

We open the door, and are able to tell exactly where the two archers are, and after a failed attempt at convincing them to betray their master, Uthal charges in, and attacks the archer with his hammer, and injures him slightly. That's when Klarg and his wolf Ripper showed up. Klarg attempts to hit Uthal with his club, but he deflects it with his shield. Ripper moves in too attack Sillan, and bites him. Callie runs forward, stabbing Klarg with a dagger and throwing the other at Ripper. Volare moves forward, and casts sacred flame, killing one of the archer goblins. The other archer goblin shoots his bow at Uthal, hitting his shoulder. Sillan uses poison spray on Ripper, but it has no effect. Raya then uses psion bolt on ripper, and nearly kills him. Next up is Uthal, who uses his hammer on Klarg, hurting him pretty bad. Klarg attempts to hit Uthal again, but misses. Next Callie pulls out her short bow and shoots Ripper, killing him. Volare casts fire bolt on the other archer, and kills him. Up next is Sillan, who casts poison spray on Klarg, and is incredibly hurt. Raya delivers the final blow with another psion bolt, and with that, Klarg falls to the ground, clutching his head screaming, and dies. We try looting the room, but most of the party gets such awful rolls that we can't even open the crates xD Sillan however manages to find a chest, which has gold, silver, and a small jade frog statue with golden orbs for eyes. After we finish looting the room, we cut off Klargs head, and head back to the eating room where Yeemik is so we can get Sildar back. 

We enter the room, and all of the goblins are once again awake, however they are more spread out this time, probably to avoid being put to sleep again. Up on the ledge is Yeemik holding Sildar by the collar of his shirt, to his right and left are two goblin archers. At the base of the stairs that lead up to the ledge there's one goblin with a scimitar, two goblins standing in front of the cooking pot, and another goblin who is hiding behind a pillar, shaking. (the same goblin Sillan threatened to kill is he saw him again.) Uthal throws Klargs head in the middle of the room, and Yeemik seems pleased at first, then snickers. He pretty much tells us that there's been a change of plans, and that he also wants 500 gold, which we don't even have. After Callie fails to convince him to be a man of his word, Sillan gets annoyed and uses sleep on him, which he once again manages to shake off, then of course gets angry, and throws Sildar of the ledge, breaking his neck. The entire party, of course, is pretty annoyed. Now the battle is a little hazy, but I remember Uthal killed 3 goblins with his hammer, Volare killed one of the archers, Raya killed Yeemik, and one of the archers was pretty badly injured, and the Goblin Sillan threatened to kill is untouched. Volare then uses cure wounds on Sildar, who is then brought back to life, and is incredibly grateful. He explains that Gundren (the dwarf that hired us) had a map that lead to this place called wave echo cave, which was a location with a lot of resources and where people crafted magical items, but it was lost to time, that is until Gundren found the map. Sildar makes a request that we cleanse the rest of the cave by killing the two remaining goblins. We end up debating for a bit, then Uthal gets bored, and throws a hand ax at the goblin archer on the ledge, killing him, and Sillan just says fuck it, and poison sprays the goblin he threatened to kill, and he dies in a super over the top way.

Feeling like a bunch of murderous sociopaths now, the party makes their was back to the oxen lead wagon, and make our way to Barthens Provisions located in the town of Phandalin in order to deliver the supplies we were hired to deliver. We arrive in Phandalin, and Sildar splits off from the group in order to find his wizard friend Iarno Albrek, who is a fellow member of this group of lords that helps people out. After getting some suspicious looks from a shady person or two in red cloaks, the party successfully delivers the supplies to Barthens Provisions, and decides to have a quick look around the town. After not really finding anything aside from a tavern where more people in red cloaks were spotted, the group decides to split up. Sillan and Callie go to a place called the Lionshield Coster in order to inform them that their missing crates are in a goblin cave, Raya goes to a local library to see if there are any other legends about Wave Echo Cave, and Volare and Uthal go to the tavern to see whats going on in town. It was at this point, we learned that splitting up is a bad idea xD Volare and Uthal learn that the people around town are known as the Red Brand Ruffians, and that they've been harassing the town, and that's when two of the four red brands who were outside come in, walk up behind us and ask us what our business is in town, to which Volare responds, "we could ask you the same question." They are of course annoyed at that, and say that they're the ones asking the questions, and then they repeat their previous question, to which Uthal now responds, "None of your buisness." They didn't like that. Volare slips the bartender a gold coin and apologizes for any damages. The red brands lead us outside and the other two red brands who were waiting surround us once we are in the streets. One of them says that they'll let us go if we drop our gear and leave the town, to which Volare responds, "tempting, but I have a counter offer, leave town now and we wont kill you all." And thats when the fight starts.

While all this stuff is happening, Callie and Sillan basically learned what Volare and Uthal did about the red brands, and Raya didn't learn anything. Two of the red brands are up first, and they attack Uthal, who manages to avoid one of them, but ends up getting hit by the other. He attempts to attack one of them, but misses. Volare then casts fire bolt on one of the two in his direction, then casts spiritual weapon to create a glaive, and cuts that ones head off. The other red brand attempts to attack Volare, but he avoids the attack. The other two red brands attack Uthal again, but his armor deflects them both. Uthal attempts to attack with his hammer again, but misses. Volare uses fire bolt again, followed up by a slash from his spiritual weapon, but this time he survives, and attacks Volare with his sword, actually hitting him this time. The two red brands attack Uthal again, one of them managing to hit him, however the other one accidentally hits his friend. Uthal then attacks the red brand who was hit by his friend, and decides to just knock him out with his hammer. It's around this time that the other three members of the party hear the commotion and show up. Raya's initiative puts her up next, so she hid in an alley, picked up a rock with her mind and chucked it at the back of the red brands head that was fighting Volare, knocking him out. Volare is up next, and uses the combination of fire bolt and his spiritual weapon to kill the last red brand.

Callie and Sillan show up and we decide to interrogate them in two separate groups outside of town, Uthal and Sillan get one, Callie and Raya get the other, while Volare acts as the look out. Uthal and Sillans interrogation goes horribly, after the red brand refuses to answer any questions, Uthal decides to use pain to try and motivate him to talk, but instead of using his hammer to crush his leg, he hits higher, and crushes his pelvis and disembowels him. Both groups can vaguely hear what happened, Raya using message to ask Uthal what happened, and Volare investigates himself, walking up to wear they were interrogating, looking at the body, then shakes his head disappointingly, and goes back to his watch. Raya essentially uses this to try and convince their prisoner to tell her what she wants to know by saying that her companions have done something terrible to his friend, and if he doesn't give her something, they'll do the same to him. The guy tells her a few things, like for example their leaders name is Glass staff, and there are around 20 of them in town. She thanks him of course and tells him that if he promises to be good and leave town, we'll let him go, to which he responded with a lie, saying that he would leave town, but since we could tell he was lying, we couldn't afford to let him go, so we had Uthal come in, and break his skull, not before missing a few times, causing the guy to scream a lot. 

Thats when Volare heard a faint buzzing coming from the forest that was growing louder and louder. Volare told his teammates that something was coming, and that they should get ready, and out of the forest came a swarm of five Stirges. We were able to take them out pretty easily, but Callie ended up getting hurt. After our little scuffle, we went back into town, found an inn and slept in shifts, starting with Sillan, Uthal, and Volare. During their watch, Callie and Raya talked to a half elf adventurer and asked him various questions about the town and the red brands, but snapped because Raya kept asking questions about Wave echo cave, despite him telling her that he knew nothing about it on multiple occasions. (her skype connection was bugging out, and so she didn't always hear when the DM was talking, which pissed the DM off so he yelled at her xD) On Volare's shift, he sat next to Sildar in the inns main area, and Sildar told him that Iarno was last seen going into this abandoned manor, but no one saw him come out. He also mentioned that red brands liked to hang out around them, so Volare told him that the group would check it out in the morning, and that is where the session ended.

Sorry it took so long to post this! I kept getting distracted whenever I sat down to write this, so it's kind of a mess x3 I hope you enjoyed it!