The end of an era - and the prep to make it happen.

This event (while expected at some point) was mentioned on Last Call #111 and we started preparing. With the upcoming Monday a holiday we were left with a short week to prep and get things/ideas together. Unfortunately We couldn't get everything approved in time and had to postpone until 1/26/18.

While this may not have been the audiences favorite decision - it was needed to ensure those crazy AH crew could do what they do best.......destroy the Off Topic Table

The move to 1/26/18 did cause some time issues that could only be solved by moving the stream to 10am, but instead of recording this and limiting the show to get the stream up and running by 12pm (and to not have the table as officially live) we decided to stream at our 10am start time with the option to rebroadcast to our normal 12pm show once the first stream ended. 

So with this in mind - Off Topic 1/26/18 will start at 9:45am and be rebroadcast at 11:45am or whenever the first stream end (maybe with a five to fifteen minute buffer in between). 

So join us for the chaos and enjoy the stream/VOD. Enjoy the show!