I've been at a new job for almost four months now.  It's going great.  Sad that I can't stay on top of the content like I used to but I guess that's all good.  I've had some family health scares, a forced break from one of the games I play and a return to that with an attempt of more positivity.  It's really hard when most of your friends have abandoned it.  But to each their own and especially when it comes to mental health.  Like me... realizing I actually had depression from the late winter months of last year and pretty much until now.  Knowing that is what it is a good way to be aware and change because of it.  I say that and I'm still not actively doing much outside of working and coming home.  I blame that on buying a house and not wanting to actively start any projects and making a mess when I would have to move said mess elsewhere.  I need to update my character's costumes damn it... and build things I owe people... and pack... probably.

I'm an adult now.  Or something.  Save me.