Is so freaking dope. I have not put as much time into it as I would like. But enough to look like a cool hunter with dope shades and a cat in a mecha.DUlJKIwX4AI2jgh.jpg

I was very surprised to find out that when I booted the game up for the first time the character customization was freaking awesome. In the 3ds games I tended to just kinda skip over it since you wear a helmet anyway. But the detail in this one made me hang out and try to make a accurate version of me for like a hour. And if I would hunt monsters daily I would like to think I would look like that.DUZ2t0cXUAAx604.jpg

The gameplay is still just as good as on 3ds. Only thank god they made everything faster and more streamlined. No more standing still to use a item , no more bringing pickaxes and such to mine, no more animations to pick up herbs and the likes. The way you create weapons is different too . Now working as more of a upgrade path for the 2 versions of each given weapons which I'm not sure if I like as much yet . But other then that this game is fenomenale. Also the new monsters get a A+ in my book.


If you ever feel like hunting with little old me you can add me on psn. My psn is gaara736 (Please Shuhei Yoshida let me change my name). Tell me If you add me though otherwise I won't know its you.