Hey Monty,

Today marks 3 years since your passing. Like so many of the creative people in this community, I choose to honor your memory by pushing myself to be more creative, and to never stop building towards my creative goals.

In the three years since you've left us, I've been on quite the journey.

Days after your passing, I agreed to perform in a musical. It was the first time I'd touched my saxophone in years. I've now done a few musicals since then, and I occasionally pick up my horn to play...something I'd stopped doing completely before.

Perhaps more interesting is the journey that you've sent me down with BIGBITE. Shortly after you left us, I came across some RT fan magazine looking for help with social media, so I volunteered. I later became an editor, managing editor, COO, and eventually took over the company as CEO. We've become so much more, and have created so much. We have a youtube channel which now puts out our own original programming. We travel to cons (one of our writers is at RTX Sydney right now), we interview major RT players, and more. I now get to run a contest for Rooster Teeth every week that encourages content creators to share their work with the community. I get to help raise money for Saint Louis Children's Hospital as a team captain on the Rooster Teeth Superteam for Extra Life.

And that's not all. By going down this path, I have ended up on a mission to build our RT community even stronger. I got to help found RT World, a group of other community  admins from around the globe who work together to build the RT Community. I've helped rebuild the RT St. Louis community. And through this, I have met so many amazing people.

Monty, my life would be completely different right now had your legacy not influenced me to create, and to keep moving forward. My work with BIGBITE is not anywhere near done. We have so much to do. And it's all thanks to you.

Thank you, Monty.

-Joe Dalton,


PS: This year, we've chosen to alter our release schedule for BIGBITE Let's Plays to put one of our favorite new episodes out tonight in your honor. We think you would have loved this game.