So I watched all of Gurren Lagann today. Fuck man that show is so fucking dope. Its a awesome look at some pre studio Trigger , Trigger animation. And that show went way deeper then I thought it would. I love the themes of loss and doing the impossible in this show so much. And fuck man this is the kinda Mecha action I live for. Also this Song is one of the hypest anime tracks I've heard in a while. Row Row Fight the Power !!!

The reason I picked it up today though is cause I was waiting for my favorite show of this anime season to come out today. Another Trigger Mecha called Darling in the FranXX . I fucking love everything about it so far. Exspecially after watching Gurren Lagann it feels like Gurren Lagann , Kiznaiver and Kill La Kill had a beautiful child and its name is Darling in the FranXX. 

Its got easily the best girl of the season in 02 , its got hype ass mecha action and a super interesting world so far. Also its getting 24 episodes which is a perfect amount for me.

Anyways Trigger has gifted me a mecha filled Saturday and I loved/needed it. Keep being hype as fuck Trigger. (Sidenote: I really want someone to make fanart of EVA-01 , Gurren Lagann - Little Witch Academia mech and Strelitzia all side by side. Someone get on that).