(  ̄▽ ̄)/ Heyooo~!

Thought I'd make a comprehensive list of what I have on which platform, so if there's anything with co-op you'd like to try with me, that'd be cool 'cause my team-player skillz need practice. :D I'm also going to list games that are single player, and with Steam games I'll mention if it's installed / even working on my old laptop. (For example Bioshocks and Portal 2 were gifted to me & since then I have not allowed people to get me more games..)

... *pats the laptop gently* Good boi....

This will, of course, be in alphabetical order. Even for the platforms. 

PLAYSTATION 2 (yes lol)

* Dirge of Cerberus - Final Fantasy VII

* Final Fantasy VI to X-2 & XII

* Spyro the Dragon

STEAM (can you guess my username xD)

* Alphabear: Hardcover Edition [runs ok]

* Baldur's Gate I & II: Enhanced Edition [not installed, probably can run?]

* Bioshock 1 & 2, plus remastered versions [not installed; most likely can't run]

* Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition [can... somewhat run]
* Final Fantasy III, IV, V, VII, VIII [these run alright]

* Portal 2 [doesn't run too well]

* Skulls of the Shogun [runs, but I suck at strategy games lmao]

* The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth [not installed; another gift and I don't even know if I'd like playing this..]

XBOX360 (because it's older; also, my Xbox Live username is an easy guess, too)

* Bioshock Infinite

* Dragon Age Origins + Awakening & 3 other DLCs

* Dragon Age II

* Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2, Lightning Returns

* Forza Horizon

* Halo Reach

* The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim [never played this yet]
* Titanfall


* Destiny - The Taken King Legendary Edition [haven't played yet]

* Doom [haven't played yet]
* Dragon Age Inquisition
* Fallout 4
* Final Fantasy XV (with the Episodes DLCs) + A King's Tale

* Halo Master Chief Collection, ODST, Halo 5 Guardians 

* Metro Redux

* Minecraft Story Mode (haven't played yet)

* Stardew Valley

* Warframe

* Watch Dogs

There! :D 

If you're able to make a list like this, feel free to share~!