since studying English interests me fuck all. I don't see a point in continuing with this Master's, feeling all they teach at this level and in this university is just Trivial Pursuit material, and I can't see how these studies could be rewarding to me in any sense.

There are still aspects of English and linguistics that interest me. Pragmatics, sociolinguistics, internet linguistics (memes, word formation processes, emojis), etymology, and translation are still a thing for me that I can get excited reading about. 

But I'm just tired of keeping up with the courses. Once again, most of them were not what I expected them to be by their course description.  Doesn't help that both my short and long term memory have become more or less butchered in the past few years, so I struggle keeping up with the terminology and their explanation. No new information seems to stick into my head.

YTHS nurse suggested I contact "Student's Compass" to help me with motivation and memory issues, but every time I try fill out their online registration form there's an error message. Not sure where to send email if this thing won't start working this week. 

Anyways, I will do my best to at least get enough ECTs to keep the government off my back, since they were kind enough to provide me with finances for this semester. But after that.... Vigorous applying to other study places and jobs. I'm mentally done with JYU*, English. 

(Finnish pronunciation of the acronym sounds a bit like the English word 'you'.)