I was at home, recovering from a lower jaw surgery.

It was a long process, starting in 2013 when I was told by YTHS and then the Central Finland Hospital I should have the surgery and get braces; my teeth used to be all slanted, and the lower front teeth managed to somehow scrape at the palate where I still have scar tissue. The palate would often be so sore I could barely drink water, and I was often sick (especially after having pneumonia at 14). Eventually, I was told, my upper front teeth could drop off. I got braces first in autumn 2013, then had my lower wisdom teeth removed by the end of 2014.

In early February of 2015, I had my first ever surgery.

I was scared of things going wrong, that afterwards my jaw would get like punched and then drop off... ahahah.... I still can feel the areas where they broke the bone.

Afterwards I couldn't eat anything solid for almost 5 weeks (I still don't really enjoy smoothies and soups anymore that much..) as my jaws were 'tied together', no soda to let the stitches heal, and my face was so swollen in the beginning that whenever I saw myself in the mirror I'd get panic attacks that was how I was going to look like for the rest of my life. In the early days of the recovery, my mom was there, and ex was pretty supportive too. What made things difficult were the renovations to our back then apartment, we'd had a broken pipe in the sauna just a couple of weeks before the surgery, so there was sawdust and shit in the air and well, it wasn't nice with my jaws all tied up y'know. 

Anyway, I healed well and now I gots pretty teeth! My jaws are still a little stiffer than they should be (didn't exercise them enough after recovery) and I'm paranoid of them going back to their old position so I keep gritting my teeth a lot to make sure they're in place lol...

But yep. I survived through that, and as a person who's dead scared of dentists.... well, I did good. :) Having a check up on Feb 27 to make sure I don't need further treatment. Fingers crossed..!