A number of people have asked me about the automation in my house. I think a lot of people beliece I live in some kind of unobtainable future house but 95% of what you saw was installed by me and purchased off Amazon. In fact, the most expensive individual piece of tech (besides my car) is the Roomba, which isn’t an outlandish piece of tech.

The whole purpose of that section of the Vlog was to show that really futuristic seeming tech is available right now. And some things that are really useful automated tools like programmable coffee makers and garage door openers have been around for decades.

I’ll try to go shot by shot here and break it down.

In bed

Amazon Echo $39-115

Spotify account $10/month


Lutron Caseta light switch $55

Cuisinart Coffee Maker w/ timer— $70

Roomba 960 — $650

Living Room

9 Phillips Hue Bulbs — $540*

Logitech Harmony Remote Hub — $300


Phillips Hue Lamp bulb — $25

Phillips Hue bulb (Joe The Cat Painting) — $40


Caseta light switch — $55

Nest Thermostat — $230


My Smart Blind motors — $99 each

Echo Dot — $39


2015 Tesla P85D — a lot

Using the Summon feature

Controlled via third party app which communicates with Alexa

Hamilton Garage Door Opener — est $250 (came with the house)

*I really dislike Hue bulbs and wish I had never bought them. That room was the first I did and I quickly switched to the Caseta light switches after that. Could have done that room for 1/10 the cost and it’s a far more reliable solution.

So besides the car (and the blinds which are cool to see but not really worth the time and money) you could replicate that whole set up for about the cost of a mid-level gaming PC and a weekend of work. It’s not cheap, but also not an impossible leap to have a “house of the future”