Not one but TWO count em TWO trailers came out of D23 japan today. I cannot be more hyped for this fucking game. I've been with this franchise since te start and finally getting so close to this game coming out just fills me with happiness.

Lets get in to these trailers though like holly fuck they are hype.

We got my boy Marluxia from Chain of Memories back . Which just confirmed the fact to me that Luriam is Marluxia's somebody in Union X. 
After that we get confirmation that the leaks are in fact real. Monsters Inc is in baby lets go!!!

From the gameplay in this trailer I can get that Summons are back , so is the wisdom form seemingly, we see more limit breaks with different characters and Dream Eaters are back. I assume as a limit break or summon.

The end stinger got Vanitas wanting the half of Ventus that rests in Sora back so we gonna get a dope fight between Sora and Edgy Sora. Which I'm always down for.

Then the second trailer lets us hear the new Utada Hikaru intro song called Don’t Think Twice. 

Which instantly made me tear up. It sound like a fitting song for the end of the saga. So I am incredibly happy with it.

The most inportant story bit of this trailer is Riku and Mickey in the realm of darkness.

Riku's Way to Dawn Keyblade is broken which might count him out as one of the guardians of light. Sad to see but I think will be a intrestring development for his character. To lose his keyblade right after hes proven to himself that he was worthy of wielding one.

Sidebar: Mickey and Riku look fly as fuck in their new outfits. Like damn son.

Then lastly there was a exclusive video for the people in the room. A making of kh3 thing.

And someone shared a shot of it that shows NPC's in the world. I love this cause one thing I never liked about the KH's games is that the worlds feel kinda empty .


I cannot get more hyped for this game then I already am. this has been like a 13 year build up for me at this point. And I can't wait for this years E3 where they will reveal the release date of KH3.

Get hype!!!