"Wow, this place still exists?"

"I cannot remember any of my friends anymore."

"Do things for your kids, it's good for you."

"Finally got together with friends to play some D&D."

"We're working on a site update."

"Still waiting on a site update."

"We're working on a site update."

"I'm still here. Is anyone else? What's up?"

"I'm getting into D&D and having a great time with it."

"My home automation from the final vlog wasn't that expensive actually; and here's a breakdown piece by piece."

"Here's a hook for a D&D campaign I wrote."

"I have 2000 unread messages in my inbox. Is that a glitch? I hope it's a glitch."

"Won't be going to RTX Austin, but will be making it to RTX London."

It's been 8 months since I posted and there have been some definite trends I've seen (of the people I watch) on the site.