So hey long time no update about my 'dating' life. Haha. Not that there's much happening. Haven't been out with anyone in about a month or more? 

And though I kept getting matches on Tinder, I finally made the decision last week to delete the profile and app.... It's a slow way to get to know someone via their messages system, and the notifications wouldn't always update unless I opened the app....

Not to mention the last two matches I got were just... urgh. It basically went down as following:

Recent match 1: Hi.

Me: Hi.

Rm1: Interested in submission and light bondage?

Rm1: Do you live alone?

Recent match 2: Omg hell yeah first time giving a Super Like and instant match!

Me: :D

Rm2: Hopefully there's no more need for that, if you know what I mean.

Sooo umm yeah. I don't even have the time and energy to try create new friendships or whatever. I barely 'have the time' to see my girlfriends (read: I let my social anxiety tell me not to go anywhere), I barely have any interest in my studies, and I still need to do a lot of self improvement too. So yep. BYE TINDER. 3rd time with you was the last straw.

I still sometimes exchange messages with duderino, but IDK.

Anywaaays! So yep. :D I'll just be practicing flirting in the form of Dragon Age.... bwahahahaha. Fenris why can't you be accessible in Inquisition.