Hyvää ystävänpäivää kaikille! That literally translates as Happy Friend's Day to all, but the correct official translation is Happy Valentine's.

To me, this day has never hold any special meaning. Not even while in a relationship. And it's not as a commercialized day here as it's elsewhere. Like I've basically seen zero adverts about it except on YouTube and Spotify. Anyways!

To those whom it means something.... If you are happily with someone, YAY <3 for real. :) Go you! If you're not with someone and still glad for those who do have someone, yay! <3

If you're alone & miserable about it, awh <3 you still have all your friends, right. :) Maybe remember the Finnish word ystävä = friend for this day.

In any case, long ago on my old dA account I wrote more poems, & took part in April's National Poetry Writing Month. The following was written for that one year, but I thought it'd be perfect to post for today. A bit of humor for all. Excuse the not so exact traditional form of a sonnet lol. *clears throat* Ok I didn't have a proper title for this before but now I name it How to Repel Unwanted Suitors.

"Shall I compare you to this blue cheese?
You are just as smelly and just as emetic.
Blunt words spoken at raw rough unease;
See, you do not appeal to my aesthetic.
Sometimes first meeting is well enough,
By a glance at clothes and the face,
To know whether you’re real or a bluff:
Yet a deep sniff is needed, just in case,
To ascertain to me your truest self.
With perfumes ‘n soaps of candy odour,
You can try ‘n fool me from your scent:
Yet it is pugnant, loathsome, vile, ‘n sour.

So as long as you stink like this,

So as long you won’t get a kiss!"

*bows* You are all welcome.