It's been a usual. I seem to be on here less and less. I've mostly been on Facebook, actually. 

I've had a new job for a few weeks now. I'm working in a mall as a Security Guard. It's quite different from what I'm used to. I still do Photography here and there. I'm actually attending Long Beach Comic Expo! It will be nice to do some Cosplay Photography again. I've been trying to get used to having a job again after being unemployed for about a year. It's hard when you lose momentum coming out of my last job.

If you guys want to keep up with what I have been going, event-wise, feel free to check out my blog which I sometimes update!

Other than that, Nothing too much has been going on with me. I have been playing a lot of Mad Max for the PS4. Currently, I'm playing Dragon Ball FighterZ. I'm going through the Story mode to unlock Android 21 while saving up enough Zeni to purchase SSGSS Goku and Vegeta. 

I hope you all have been doing well!