Hello friends! :D I am back with another Finnish Friday post, and this time I want to introduce you some cultural 'delicacies' every other Finn goes crazy about, but I think you need to be pretty brave / insane / both to actually enjoy these. <.<;;;

First, something you might recognize and I don't think it's really from this part of the world in origins, but something a lot of people like. That is lakritsi = black licorice. There's even ice cream (jäätelö) with the stuff, and God knows what other products contain this... Like cheesecake. I don't know, is everyone else as crazy about licorice as Finns??


(pingviini = penguin, one of the most popular ice cream brands here)

Next, something you might also recognize and have heard differing opinions about its tastiness. This supposed cultural treasure is called salmiakki = salmiac / salted licorice, and there are Finns who'd call me a traitor for speaking badly of this 'candy' - that I can't be a Finn because I strongly dislike this work of the evil. It can be added to apparently anything at all, because there exists such horrors like salmiakkikossu (shortened to salmari), which is salmiac Koskenkorva vodka, salmiakkijäätelö, salmiakkisuklaa (salmiac chocolate), .. and much more. 


Like why would you do that to good milk chocolate is beyond me...

Next, something that is a regional 'yum' from around the place where I used to live. This is mustamakkara = black sausage, often 'enjoyed' on its own or with lingonberry jam (puolukkahillo), another thing I can't stand. Don't ask me what goes in the sausage, I've never wanted to find out.


And then one of the traditional Easter time uhmmm desserts, which you might also heard of maybe, called mämmi - there's no exact English translation for it, but it's ... sort of like rye pudding. It's often offered in a box that looks like it's made out of birchbark, and it's not too bad tasting if you have it with like a litre of vanilla ice cream or custard. You'll probably agree with me that it looks like runny poo, though, and will be deterred from eating it just because of the appearance. And I for one wouldn't judge you for not even wanting to taste it. 


..I think that's enough of disgusting things to view for today. I'm sure I've missed a couple, but yucccck.

Next time, my own personal favorites~~!