(  ̄▽ ̄)/ Good day to you all! So today is Saturday and I promised to post this last food-related thingo and here it is!! This time, introducing my own favorite food items~~ This list won't be long. XD Bwahahaha.

Well two of them favs was already introduced in the Cultural Delicacies post, the Kariela pastries. <3 They are so nom, so perfect, super amazing comfort food. *-* The other nomnom is, of course, the cinnamon rolls aka korvapuustit. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Next yum yum is called pinaattilätyt = spinach pancakes. Now I know that doesn't so tasty, and they don't look that appealing in all their greenness, but they taste so fucking good! Especially when slathered with butter and warmed up in the microwave. Some might want to try warming them on a pan. :D 


I actually got these from the store earlier... nom nom... 

Sometimes, I really get the craving for some maksalaatikko = liver casserole. You can have it with or without raisins (if you don't want raisins, look for a package that says rusinaton = literally raisin-less, or ilman rusinoita = without raisins). Some people enjoy it cold, some like it warm, and some weirdos add lingonberry jam on top of it, too. I like it without raisins or that stupid jam, and warmed up. Again, doesn't really look all that appetizing, but it's fantastic comfort food. 


...why are there so many comfort foods in this list, oh god. 

I also enjoy different types of meat and fish, like smoked northern pike (savustettu hauki) and bass (ahven) are great in the summer! 


I haven't had them in years now, but when done right they are soooo good and if you know how to fish (and have the proper permits) then you could get this stuff right out of the many many lakes we have in this country!

Now, the next food is also something I haven't had in a while, but I'd love to. This is called poronkäristys, and in English I've started to call it sautéed reindeer. Yes. Reindeer. Totally amazing with mashed potatoes (+butter), and again some crazies might want to have lingonberry jam with that like in the image but for me that jam just mostly ruins things. 


....and I think that's about it, excluding all the desserts like different types of pies, buns, other bakeries, chocolates, and ice creams... Maybe next time I post about Finnish foods or something I'll introduce those. :) 

Hope you enjoyed this short food-related journey with me! 。^‿^。 I already have a theme in mind for March~~!