Here we go. For the uninitiated, let me run through how this works real quick. I have selected 32 characters from across the whole span of fiction, comics, movies, tv, books, video games. Using a random number generator I have paired them up in a tournament to do battle for your amusement.

Each post will have two matchups. I'll give a brief overview of each character, describing their abilities, and then you will post comments voting for one winner from each matchup. So each comment should have two characters in it, who you want to win each fight.

After I've decided we've had enough time or votes, I will make a new post with a blow-by-blow of the previous two fights as well as the new matchups for you to vote on. Pretty simple, right? Good.

Round 1: Fight!

First fight:

The Witch-King of Angmar vs Dracula


The Black Captain, Lord of the Nazgul, is a Ringwraith, men who took the rings of power and fell under the sway of Sauron. Their original forms were lost, now existing mostly in the wraith world and invisible to the eyes of mortals. This makes The Black Captain very difficult to harm. Mortal weapons have little to no effect. It's a double-edged sword though because they couldn't interact with mortal stuff either, meaning they are ineffective unless using the disguises and weapons provided by Sauron, which are extremely powerful and deadly. The Nazgul also haved magic they could use to devastating effect, chief among which is the aura of terror that surrounds them, inspiring crippling fear in all living creatures. Though this too is something of a double-edged sword, as Tolkien said, "They have no great physical power against the fearless, but what they have, and the fear that they inspire, is enormously increased in darkness"

There have been lots of versions of Dracula. For this fight, we're going with traditional descriptions as laid down by Bram Stoker. That means he has a panoply of powers, but most of them are useless or very nearly so during daylight. He can transform into animals, including a bat, a giant wolf, and a large dog, but probably others as well. He can also become mist. He also has some limited mental control over animals, such as summoning a swarm of rats to do his dirty work. He can pass through any barrier as if it weren't with limitations relating to holy/blessed spaces and dwellings where people live. He has super strength, described as the equal of 20 strong men. He also has superhuman agility and is even able to climb vertical surfaces. The ability to mess with people's minds, hypnotizing people and creating illusions. Then there's the whole blood drinking thing, the Count's own double-edged sword. He needs nothing else to survive, but he does need that blood.

Second Fight:

Black Panther vs a Dalek


The Black Panther is granted by the panther goddess Bast with superhuman acute senses, enhanced strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability, healing, and reflexes. His suit is laced with Vibranium, the hardest substance known, meaning that his panther claws can rip through just about anything.

The Daleks are genetically engineered psychopathic killing machines, encased in polycarbide battle armor. They can fly. They can use their plunger like arms as swiss-army multi-tools that can do almost anything, and then there's the extermination beam cannon on their other arm. The can also generate a force field to protect the Dalek from projectiles and other attacks. They do nothing but kill, and they do it extremely well.

Vote for one winner from each fight. Debates, arguments, recriminations, and verbal assaults are encouraged.