It's been a decent amount of time for people to vote. So let's see how the first round went.

Previous Round Results:

The Witch-King of Angmar vs Count Dracula

The battle begins ferociously, with the Witch-King swooping in off his horse and taking a swing at the Count. The ringwraith's blade holds dark magic, but still passes through Dracula without the least resistance. The Count does not fear his opponent, which weakens the With-King's magic considerably. The vampire counters by trying to employ his mental powers, to project illusions or even penetrate his opponent's mind, but he quickly realizes that the being he is up against is also no longer mortal. Neither of their powers can touch the other. The count adapts quickly, moving in for a purely physical attack, lifting his opponent with sheer muscle power and hurling him through the air, but the wraith lands with liquid grace. It's a stalemate, none of the count's transformations helps, animal fangs and claws are no more useful than human hands against the incorporeal wraith, and for his part, the Dark Captain's weapons are equally useless, until the sun rises. The light of day weakens the leader of the Nazgul, but it neutralizes the Count's powers almost completely. Blades can now bite, and even weakened, the wraith makes short work of his opponent beneath the sun's rays.

Black Panther vs Dalek

The King of Wakanda circles his opponent warily, not sure what to expect, but the Dalek has no such hesitation. "Exterminate!" it shrieks, and a bolt of energy shoots from its blaster attachment. The Black Panther is knocked backward, landing in a sprawl, suit smoking. He survived, thanks to the Vibranium in his suit, but it hurt. It hurt a lot. Not to be deterred, he leaps back to his feet, only to be hit by another bolt. "Exterminate!" the Dalek shrieks again, almost petulantly on the second try. This time, though, T'Challa braces himself, ready for the hit, and he keeps his feet. He takes a step forward and then grunts as he's hit by a third blast. Then a fourth, and a fifth, each accompanied by another step and another pained but determined sound. Then, as the sixth bolt of energy blast out, he surprises the Dalek with a super-human leap into the air, a leap that lands him directly on top of the armored killing machine. After that, his Vibranium claws shred the Dalek to little bite sized chunks of armor and goo.

So The Witch-King of Angmar and Black Panther came out on top. Now for today's matches:

Bane vs Nebula


Bane employs a super steroid called Venom to give himself incredible strength, making him able to lift 15 tons. Not just brawny, he's also a genius, with an eidetic memory, able to speak 10 languages and a mastery of strategy and tactics. 

Nebula is a cyborg with a robotic left eye and arm. She was trained for battle from an early age, a great strategist and master of both armed and unarmed combat forms. She is extremely strong, durable, and agile. With the ability to heal rapidly and auto-repair her cybernetic components, she is very hard to kill. And being an expert pilot and markswoman means she's lethal from a distance as well as up close.

Optimus Prime vs Cloud


Optimus Prime is the leader of the autobots, mechanical lifeforms from the planet Cybertron. He is made of metal, weighing somewhere in the vicinity of 4 tons. He can transform into a semi-truck to hide among humans, but in his robot form he is one of the strongest Cybertronians alive, a battle leader with centuries of experience, he weilds an ion blaster rifle and an energon axe. 

Cloud Strife, former Shinra footsoldier (not actually SOLDIER), is a seemingly normal human with a penchant for wielding enormous swords. He's shown remarkable strength and endurance. He shrugs off bullets and many normal magic attacks. He has a history of obliterating giant monsters, often with minimal effort. So it's hard to gauge just how inherently powerful he is. On top of his normal abilities, he's can use magic. His buster sword contains two materia slots, in which he has fire and lightning materia equipped for this battle.

So who do you guys think will come out on top here? Pick one winner from each fight.