For those of you who are playing for the first time, I thought I should clarify one other thing. I like to write the fights in a way that reflects the vote count. So if the vote was close, the fight will be close. If the vote was one-sided, the fight will reflect that. Thought I'd mention that as it's about to become relevant.

Previous Round Results:

Bane vs Nebula

Bane starts out by bulking up with Venom. In his moment of distraction Nebula rushes in, a long blade folding out of her robotic arm and into her hand. It looks like it's going to be over quickly, but Bane's hand shoots up and in the blink of an eye, he's holding her by the wrist, grinning. He suckered her in close by pretending to be distracted. "Pretty little toy." He says, a grin obvious through his accent. And then sounds come from her metal wrist as he crushes it in his enhanced grip. Nebula screams, more in frustration than in pain. Then he lifts her from the ground by the damaged arm and throws her across the room. He laughs as she lies on the floor, cradling her crushed arm. "Women." He says dismissively. "They always think they're so clever. They expect every man to underestimate them." He walks over and grabs her by the neck, lifting her off the ground. "Don't worry, little blue girl. I will make this quick." Then his eyes go wide as the second blade she was hiding penetrates his heart. "You're right." Nebula says as her opponent drops to the ground. "It does help to have someone underestimate you." 

Optimus Prime vs Cloud

Optimus walks into the arena and looks around, searching for his opponent. After a while, when no opponent appears, Optimus turns to leave when he notices something, lifting up his foot, he sees something on the bottom. "Someone left gum on the floor." He says, annoyed. "And there's yellow hair in it. That is disgusting."

Today's matchups:

Fight 1:

Martian Manhunter vs Predator


Martian Manhunter is, as his name implies, a Martian, and he has a whole heap o' powers, including superhuman strength, durability, flight, regeneration, shape-shifting, intangibility, invisibility, telepathy, telekinesis, extrasensory input, and optic blasts. He also has psychic abilities. Many/most of his power is negated, though, when confronted with his one glaring weakness, fire.

Predators are another alien race, consummate hunters, they're always looking for a challenge. They are big, strong, and much more resilient to damage than humans. This one has power armor with all manor of toys, including a big laser cannon on the back. Another notable trait is their vision, which can see a wider spectrum than humans, including infrared and ultraviolet.

Fight 2:

Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Sylar


Obi-Wan is an accomplished Jedi, with the normal suite of Jedi abilities. He's got the Force, which lets him move things with his mind, fool the weak-minded, run fast, jump high, etc.. He's got a lightsaber. We're talking Obi-Wan at his best here, right around the time he was beating Anakin's ass in the middle of a lava river.

Sylar (Heroes, Season 1 Sylar to be specific) is a complete psychopath with a variety of super powers. He likes to kill people with super powers and take their brains for himself to acquire their powers. His powers include, figuring out how things work, super hearing, super memory, the ability to paint the future, telekinesis (which he can focus with enough precision that he uses it to slice heads open for the tasty brains inside), freezing powers, and the ability to melt things. And each time he kills someone special he can take their powers for himself.

Pick one winner from each fight.