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Martian Manhunter vs Predator

Angry at being replaced by Cyborg in the Justice League movie, Martian Manhunter is out to prove that feature film bad guys have nothing on him. He comes in swinging. A super-powered punch puts the Predator through the ceiling of the arena and sends him flying. By the time the Martian hero finds where he landed, deep in a nearby forest, the other alien is gone. The Predator has activated his suit's camouflage ability, and since he can't see his opponent, the Manhunter has to reach out with is mind, trying to track the creature. He gets a general direction, if not an exact fix, and heads that way quickly, making himself invisible to match his opponent, and then intangible as well. Floating through trees as he searched, he only finds out that his invisibility isn't effective against the predator's species when a beam of energy passes right through him. He returns fire using his eye beams and just nicks the predator's camouflaged form as it moves away. The laser that missed the Martian Manhunter, though, did not miss the canopy of trees above him. The orange fall leaves light up like a matchstick, and before long, the entire forest is aflame. The Martian Manhunter can't escape and burns. Predator lives to fight another day.

Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Sylar

As they face off against each other, Obi-Wan activates his lightsaber. Sylar looks at it with interest. "Now how does that work, I wonder." And with a casual movement, he telekinetically pulls it from Obi-Wan's hand. However, it pauses in mid-air as Obi-Wan reaches out with the force to pull it back. "Come now, be nice." Sylar says, showing almost no respect for his opponent, and with his other hand he sends out a blast of ice, freezing the jedi's feet to the ground. This distracts Obi-Wan enough for Sylar to pull the saber to his own hand. He then flicks it off as he investigates the strange device, ignoring his immobilized opponent completely. "It's like a laser sword." He says with an interested tone. "The energy is focusing through a crystal, but what powers it." He looks down the barrel of the lightsaber, which proves to be a fatal mistake as Obi-Wan uses the force to reactivate his sword.

This round:

Larfleeze vs M. Bison


Larfleeze is the one and only Orange Lantern. The orange light is powered by Avarice, meaning that to be compatible with its power, you have to be way too selfish to want to share that power. So while the power of say, the green light is spread among all the members of the Green Lantern Corps, the power of the orange light is concentrated solely in Larfleeze. This basically he means he can do anything a Green Lantern can do, but way more powerfully. He also tends to create fake beings with his orange light to go out and do what he wants. It's almost like he has his own lantern corps, they're just all light constructs created and controlled by him, a personal army, if you will.

M. Bison is a megalomaniac with an unbridled lust for power. He is one of the most skilled fighters in the Street Fighter universe, using a martial art he invented. Integral to his fighting art is the Psycho Power that he wields. The power feeds off of hate and anger. It allows him to do things like float, teleport, add an energy component to his strikes and even mind-control some weaker minds.

Shang Tsung vs Ruby Rose


Shang Tsung is a powerful sorcerer who can live forever as long as he keeps consuming the souls of others. His magic is mostly fire-based, allowing him to do things like shoot flaming skulls at people, or create bursts of fire out of nothing. His signature ability, though, is a side-effect of absorbing so many souls. He can change form at will, shapeshifting to take on the appearance of others. It's not just looks, when he takes on the form of someone else, he gets some of their memories and powers as well. Centuries of experience have made him an expert fighter, whatever form he takes.

Leader of Team RWBY, Ruby Rose trained for years to become a huntress, the elite monster killers of Remnant. To this goal, she designed and built her own weapon, the Crescent Rose, an enormous, deadly scythe that she can wield with scary ease and precision. The weapon transforms into a sniper rifle for headshotting opponents from a distance or to fire while flying through the air so she can ride the enormous recoil. Her Semblance allows her to move between two points so quickly that it looks almost like she's teleporting, except for the trails of rose petals she usually leaves in her wake.

Pick one winner from each fight.