This round, things weren't even kinda close. Previous round results:

Larfleeze vs M. Bison

Bison comes into the arena and does a bunch of lightning fast punches and kicks and then floats in the air to try and intimidate his opponent. Larfleeze counters by creating a couple of orange light constructs, which grab Bison by his arms and drag him into space where he dies a horrible painful death by vacuum. As they fly off, Larfleeze yells, "And bring back his stuff. It's all mine now!"

Shang Tsung vs Ruby Rose

Ruby is warming up for her fight when she sees her sister Yang approaching. Ruby runs to hug her, only to take a hidden blade straight through the heart. Shang Tsung transforms back into himself and then eats the little huntress's tasty tasty soul.

This round:

Jessica Jones vs Ant-Man


MCU Jessica Jones is super strong, very fast, incredibly durable and has faster than normal healing abilities. She can also fly, sort of, not really. She never really mastered the skill. So it's more like jumping super high and then having more control over the fall than most people would. She's also a mean drunk and quite a capable fighter. And season 2 of her series comes out tomorrow. Woo!

Scott Lang's Ant-Man can get really small and sometimes really big. He's got discs that can cause the same things to happen to objects they hit. It's unclear if they'd work on people, but they work on ants. So there's a good chance. He can also control ants. In addition, he's a very smart engineer and a more-than-capable thief.

Quake vs Dark Willow:


Daisy Johnson aka Quake is an Inhuman with a very versatile ability to make things shake. This can be anything from creating massive seismic activity to blasting a wave of power out of her hands to throw people across the room. She may even be capable of harnessing the power to such a degree that she could destroy a planet. Hence her future nickname, Destroyer of Worlds. She's also an expert in hand-to-hand and weapons combat, trained by Melinda May.

When Willow Rosenberg went back, she went very bad. She has crazy-strong but not super specific magical powers. Examples include, flaying a man alive with a wave of her hand, the ability to absorb the magic of others (even right out of books), telekinesis, controlling fire and lightning, maybe it's easier just to say, she magics. She does magic. She is magical. The end. Sidenote: she too may be capable of single-handedly destroying the world.

Pick one winner from each fight.