My laptop is almost 10 years old. It can't keep up with my demands on it anymore. It actually hasn't for a while, but I've kept it going with duct tape and hope.  Fortunately thanks to Dungeon Drunks (and our big sponsor Polymorph Crafts) I have now saved up enough money to buy a new laptop!

However it has been so long since I've bought a new computer, and it's been actual decades since my Dad and I built one together, that I'm pretty aware of how clueless I am when it comes to the the right things to look for.  I have some good friends nearby I will be leaning on for help (hi Nathan and Chris <3) but I also turn to you, my internet family, to get me on the right track.

The two biggest things I need a computer for are:

- Audio recording and editing. I need a machine that can handle large WAV and MP3 files with ease, and won't choke running a program or two while also recording that high quality audio. This is for podcasts as well as oboe recording gigs, two of the biggest ways I make my money, so this is a priority.

- Multitasking audio, video, and internet. I need something that can multitask in a variety of ways. It needs to be able to handle having a few websites open, a video call (Skype, Discord, Zoom, ect), and maybe another program like Fantasy Grounds or a text editor. Plus also doing that audio recording I mentioned above.

With that in mind here are my MUST HAVES:

- Laptop. My husband has a desktop, so this will function as our portable computer for when we go to conventions.

- Windows machine. For price, for working with our other hardware and software, and for my comfort.

- A Solid State Hard drive. I am flexible about size, and also willing to go for something smaller and then buy a external HD for extra storage of those huge audio files. But I want the core of this machine on a SSD

Here are things I do not care about, or are negotiable:

- Size and weight of the machine. I would like a large screen, but otherwise I don't care how heavy it is or how large it is. If it's a laptop that I can pick up and take with me, I don't care if it's a bit of a brick.

- Brand. No preferences outside of a PC.

 My current price range is $1000 or under. I'm willing to spend a bit more for the perfect machine, but my prelim searches indicate this is a reasonable amount of money for a solid, new, but not crazy machine.

So....where should I look? What should I look for? What should I avoid? HELP ME INTERNET FAMILY!!! <3